School Rules and Regulations

Uniform and Attire

Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniforms is not allowed


Pupils should attend school punctually and regularly throughout the term. Pupils must be in school by 7.35am. Absence from school must be supported with a Medical Certificate or letter from the child's parent.


In an emergency or when a pupil is unwell, the teacher will give his/her parents a call. It is important that pupils give the form teacher the correct home, office and/or hand phone numbers. Parents who need to contact the school or any teacher urgently are to call the Office at

Permission to Leave School Early

Seek the permission of the Principal or Vice-Principal if there is a need to leave school before dismissal. The student must be accompanied by a parent or an authorized person.

Visitors to the School

Visitors to the school (parents included) are required to report to the Security Post outside General Office first regarding the nature of the visit.

Use of Hand phone

Hand phones can only be used after school at the canteen, porch (General Office),or the various waiting areas on the ground floor.
Hand phones used during school hours would be taken away by teachers and given to the general office for collection by parents.

Disciplinary Actions

The school will not tolerate misbehavior. Some of which are: truancy, cheating, dishonesty, forgery, disrespectful to authority, theft, vandalism, assault, extortion, vulgarities, bullying and fighting.


Visits and Enquiries

The School Admissions Procedure ensures a fair and straightforward admissions system that promotes equity and fair access for all.

Applications for admission are accepted throughout the school year and families are encouraged to make an appointment for an interview and tour of the school. For the admission file to be complete we require the following:

  1. Completed and Signed Registration File

  2. Completed and Signed Medical Form

  3. Two passport size photographs

  4. Copies of the Parents’ ID card

    Please be aware that places can only be guaranteed by signing an School Contract and paying all tuition and fees by the due date noted on the invoice

If you would like any information, in addition to that provided on our website, please do not hesitate to contact the admissions office directly: