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School Of Paradise Hills

School Of Paradise Hills   has been opened and started its operation since 2008 academic year. This schools is located in Burayu Subcity Geferesa Nono kebele administration in one the subscripts of Fifine Zuria .  The school has cleaned compound with full hygienic facilities and child friendly playing grounds.

Every member of staff is committed to providing an exciting, relevant and challenging curriculum which is appropriate for individual needs and aims to engage all children through a wide range of teaching and learning strategies. We Endeavour to develop key academic skills alongside understanding of our moral values and learning skills through every part of this curriculum and everything we do

School Of Paradise Hills at a Glance
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Mission Statement

At School of Paradise Hills we aim to provide a safe, stimulating and inclusive learning environment where every member of our community is valued and respected. We celebrate the differences in our community and promote equal opportunities for all. We listen to members of the school community and seek to hear everyone’s point of view.

We realize the significant role which parents play as the child’s first educator and welcome the strong partnerships and positive relationships which exist between school and families. We value the opportunity we have to work with parents in ensuring children reach their full potential.

In our happy and caring school we relish the chance to celebrate all achievements and take pride in the opportunities we give children to make a positive contribution to our school and the wider community.

We consider that all members of the school community are on a learning journey together and as a result we are a reflective team which is continually developing its provision and practice in order to give every member of the school community the opportunity to succeed.

Our Core Values

Our values represent a set of fundamental beliefs about how we should operate that dictate our daily behavior and the decisions we make, as an organization and as individual employees.  We also seek to jointly promote these values with our children, families, and partners.

  • Safety is our passion. We work so all air and space travelers arrive safely at their destinations.
  • Excellence is our promise. We seek results that embody professionalism, transparency and accountability.
  • Integrity is our touchstone. We perform our duties honestly, with moral soundness, and with the highest level of ethics.
  • People are our strength. Our success depends on the respect, diversity, collaboration, and commitment of our workforce.
  • Innovation is our signature. We foster creativity and vision to provide solutions beyond today’s boundaries.
  • Collaboration    working together to achieve common goals through open and honest
Our Visions
  • With a set of moral values – respect, understanding, responsibility, honesty, resilience and tolerance.
  • Having fulfilled their potential academically and gained a complement of skills – communication, mathematical, scientific, creative, physical and social.
  • With an enquiring and discerning mind and a desire to learn.
  • Having developed strong self esteem and high personal expectation.
  • With a set of empowering learning skills – independent enquiry, team working, reflective learning, effective participation, self management and resourceful thinking.